Your Health and Fitness Goals

There’s training and there’s training effectively. Which category do you fall in? That’s a rhetorical question that I’ll leave to you. But what are the most effective exercises for you? What are your health and fitness goals?Now that is the question. You see you’ve probably been in my position. You’ve read every magazine, subscribed to the latest guru who has the latest scoop on how to lose weight and build muscle. You’ve purchased every e-book and all the supplements out there. Yet, has this helped you?If it has, I’m sorry to have wasted your time. Continue doing what you’re doing. But if not you may want to continue reading. Now before I continue I am not selling any product, nor am I comdemning any forms of exercise. They each have their benefits. What I am doing however is letting you know what is available to you to do right now.First thing’s first. What are your goals? To lose fat? Build muscle? Increase cardio? Admirable goals I’m sure you’ll agree. But how are you going to achieve any of these. Well, the first step is visualization. What do I mean?If you have a camera try doing this. Take a picture of yourself and either stick it up on your bedroom or bathroom wall, a place where you are most likely to view it. Or upload it onto your computer whatever your preference may be. That’s the first step. To visualize yourself.Next make a resolution that is specific for you, measurable for you and is realistic for you! If you’re building muscle, you need to say how you are going to build muscle. If you’re losing fat, you need to say how you are going to lose fat. I’m sure you get the picture.Set yourself targets. For example: I want to lose 1 pound of fat in a week. I need to lose weight.
Can you spot the difference in the two sentences? Well apart from the fact that one’s a need and one’s a want, the first sentence is specific, measurable and realistic.If I said you can lose 2 stones in 2 days for example I wouldn’t expect you to believe me. This is paramount to reaching your health and fitness goals. This is your guideline and your constant meter to encourage yourself. “I have to lose 1 pound of fat in a week”.Did you notice the change in the of wording in the goal? Yes, the word, have. This is non-negotiable. No slacking. This is my goal. Can you visualize yourself doing this? This is what will give you the drive to succeed in your health and fitness goals.Your family and friends can also help in this regard. Letting them know your goals can also help to spur you on and they would be more than happy to make sure your keeping to your schedule. What about your exercises? I am not going to say that one exercise system is better than the other. Why not? Because they’re all beneficial for you.Let me quantify that. Studies have shown that bodyweight exercises, ones you can do at home and free weight exercises combined together burn the most fat and build the most muscle in a short amount of time. Gymnasts prove that even bodyweight exercises themselves are most beneficial for you.That is not to say that you have to be a gymnast to experience their benefits. But it illustrates the power of simple bodyweight exercises. As I previously mentioned you can and should combine the two exercise systems to gain the most benefit out of each.The key is adaptation. I don’t necessarily mean heavier weights and more reps. It’s much more than that. I mean everything has to change. For example the time it takes you to complete your workout, your rest time in between sets, your exercises, the intensity, the frequency of the workouts themselves. Everything that can be a variable, is a variable.You positively must have a log of all your workouts. Remember your goals have to be measurable. How can you measure without any proof or data? Your workout has to change so that your body is forced to adapt to you. Your in control.By doing this you harness your body’s natural power to build muscle and burn fat or increase your cardio whatever your goals may be. The beauty of it is that these systems are subjective. This means that they are tailored for you.Go on try these out: Push-up test, planks, squats, lunges, tippy-toes (for calves), jumping jacks, burpees (very good for fitness) and there are many more to name. I’ll leave it up to you to find out. I hope this is helpful for you. Continue doing your research on these systems. You’d be surprised what you’ll find out. I know I was.

Alternative Health and Fitness

The cost of healthcare in the United States has skyrocketed for the last several decades. The high cost of health insurance alone exceeds what most of the population can even afford. When combined with the cost of matters not covered by the insurance, the result is often bankruptcy. Furthermore, many of the people who are most in need of healthcare are often deemed uninsurable. Therefore, they rarely get the care that they require.The current economic state of healthcare in America has proven to be a catalyst for the booming alternative health and fitness industry. The growth of this industry over the last decade or two has been staggering. Recent studies have suggested that by 2010, nearly 65% of the American population will be using some form of alternative approach to wellness.Alternative health and fitness regimens are often designed to use the body’s natural chemistry and defenses as a means of achieving good health. Acupuncture for instance, has many physical benefits which have been understood by the Chinese for centuries. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to adjust the flow of qi (pronounced “chee”) which when blocked is the cause of bad health.Over the past few decades Western medicine has become much more accepting of acupuncture as a legitimate medical technique, although for more “scientific” reasons. Medical studies have shown that the procedure uses the body’s nervous system to alter brain chemistry by releasing neurotransmitters and other biochemicals; often leading to improved immune function, blood circulation, and a multitude of other benefits as well.Acupuncture, as with many other alternative health and wellness programs, can have very real, positive effects on the human body. However, care must be taken before beginning any alternative health regimen. Many of these wellness systems are scientifically unproven and can often do more harm than good.Unfortunately, many (definitely not all) proponents of alternative medicine are the quintessential snake-oil salesmen. While there are a considerable amount of unconventional healing methods which have legitimate scientifically proven benefits, there are also numerous frauds on the market. Before beginning a new health regimen, make sure you do your research.